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3 Steps to Shift from Commodity Contractor to In-Demand High End Consultant in Less than 90 Days!

Without relying on greedy middlemen, high intensity networks, lengthy proposals or similar elements people think you need. Guaranteed!

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In This Free 45-Minute Masterclass, You Will Discover

  • The 3 steps our clients are using to shift from being a small fish in a very crowded ocean, to become the apex predator in an environment they totally own.
  • How to immediately increase your income from existing clients (using the formula I have used successfuly with multiple clients and employers)
  • How to give "high-end impact" by deeply understanding your clients, then defining and delivering your unique high-end solution to exceed their expectations.
  • How to work with, around, or without traditional contracting agencies to get the best deals for yourself and your clients.
  • How to generate "high-end income" by identifying and attracting the right high-end clients who truly need your services, demonstrate your stand-out value & gently enrolling them. (Rather than hard selling them)
  • How to gain "high-end freedom" by building a team around you who deliver value to your clients, while you focus on building your business.
  • Why the existing contracting model is broken and in danger of imminment disruption, and how you can prepare to capitalise on this change.
  • A little known approach to increase your income by a minimum 25% from your existing clients.

Learn the 3 steps and take your career and business to the next level. You are going to love this content.

Your Host and Coach: David Nimmo

David Nimmo is the creator of Breakthrough Value Maximisation - a career transition method that enables you to seamlessly move from commodity contractor to high-end consultant by defining and demonstrating your unique and indispensable value. 

David is the Author of Chaos to Success - a book for breakthrough consultants. 

David has coached and mentored over 400 high-end IBM consultants in Asia-Pacific as a founder and leader in IBM's Business Analysis Community of Practice, and is now an independent consultant, coaching clients globally.

Proof - How David's 3 Steps Have Worked for Others

Kara Coughlan  

“David Nimmo's coaching is my go-to source...With the different skills I picked up from my time with David, I was able to turn things around and I've received more awards and positivity from clients than in the previous six months combined! For me David's coaching truly falls into the category of an 'essential' investment”

Umer Sayed  

“David was able to identify my strengths and help distill my thoughts into a single clear and actionable ‘picture’. He helped me achieve my career goal, of becoming a high-end consultant within two months. Without the clarity he helped me to achieve, I can't imagine that I would be where I am today.” 

Deb Coughlan  

“David was a real life-changer. He provided awesome information and coaching which exercises your brain and your heart. David’s caring yet extremely professional approach and expert information was incredible - grounded, sensible, inspirational and achievable - and his book is awesome!”

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